The Recipe For Happiness

Hey, it’s been absolute insanity in my life since last I posted, but, starting this weekend, (after I’m done with my art show) I’ll be back to something resembling a normal schedule.

I really wish I had kept up with this during that time, though. I think it could have helped me. I need to get better with that.

Anyway, despite my lack of posting here, I have found myself in a genuinely happy mood. I think I may have even found the recipe for my own happiness! Here it is:

- Make sure I spend more time working in my art studio then tending bar.

- Painting more things I really want to paint than commissioned pieces.

- Cutting my alcohol consumption in half (this was probably an obvious one).

- Cutting the women I’m currently flirting and/or fooling around with down to 2. 3 tops. (Again, another obvious one.)

- Doubling my caffeine intake (replacing one type of self-medication with another! Yay!!!)

Honestly, while I think a good portion if that is true, I think this good mood is just the bounce back I typically feel after getting mired in a depression for awhile. And, parts of March got pretty dark.

Ultimately, I think I just need to keep doing the work. I need to find something to post here everyday. Even if I’m just faking it.

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