Slow Down, You Move Too Fast…

One of the many things I have been blessed with is a highly active brain, that, when running at peak efficiency, is a lot like a bee hive. There’s a whole lot going on in there, but every moving part is doing it’s job, being productive, and working toward a common goal.

But, when my bi-polar li’l noggin starts sliding towards the manic end of the scale, it’s like someone drop-kicked that behave and now all hell has broken lose. There’s a whirlwind of activity, but nobody knows what to and nothing is getting accomplished.

When I have a whole lot on my plate, as I do now, it’s always easy for me to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what I need to do. I’ll sit for hours debating what to do first, and consequently, get nothing done.

This is unacceptable, and acts as a constant hindrance to me achieving any sort of success in my life. So, I’ve decided to start making to-do lists. Daily to-do lists. HIGHLY detailed daily to-do lists. I’m going to start planning every inch of my day down to when I shower and even when I jerk off (hey, this is a blog about maintaining a certain level of happiness, some things are just plain necessary).

Each day goals will be set, and I will not be allowed to move on to the next thing until the last goal is met. Hopefully, after a few weeks, this will just become habit. That’s what this is about, training my brain to start thinking and behaving differently.

We need to reign those fucking bees in. You saw what they did to Nic Cage in Wicker Man.

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